connects consumers and producers of news directly with each other.

Correspondents get the opportunity to make their reports accessible to a larger audience.

Locals get direct access to a wide range of news.

The sorting options make it easier to find reports in an orderly fashion and to capture the diversity of reports.

The Idea

For you as a


You are also local and move around several locations where there are new events every day that you want to be informed about. Diverse reporting requires many perspectives in order to be able to present events.

  • Burst filter bubbles

Due to the multitude of sorting options, such as locations, tags and “verified events”, filter bubbles don’t stand a chance.

  • Local News

Explore news on the map and stay up-to-date effortlessly in different locations.

  • Detect false positives

Incorrect information can be reported. The accusations, as well as any corrections, are displayed next to the post.

  • Support journalism

Finance the journalism that interests you or become a Correspondent yourself!

For you as


Are you one of those people who likes to inform others and tell stories? Maybe you already have a blog, a YouTube channel, a Facebook page or you produce news in the classic way on paper…Then become a Correspondent!


  • Your perspective

Show the world your unique view of events. Show your neighbourhood!

  • Collaboration

Work together with others in “Channels” and develop your skills with community training.

  • Stay protected

Stay safe and use LoCo as a protected workplace. You can publish under a pseudonym.

  • Finance yourself

You can decide for yourself what your work is worth to you and what opportunities you want to give your community to support you. Make yourself and your work independent!

You want to stay up to date?

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