What you can expect as a Local…

We are all locals with different locations. We change our location often, so our surroundings change and so do the events around us.

It becomes more and more relevant to be informed daily to be able to follow global processes.

We want to give you direct access to a wide range of news.

Be Local!

Seeing what informative and relevant news there is to discover worldwide with just one click is often a tedious research task.

To make the diversity of journalistic work more accessible and give you a good overview, you can move the pin on our LocalCorrespondent map to be informed daily at many locations.

Give filter bubbles no chance!

Due to the pre-selection of algorithms, it is currently hardly possible to view various impressions and reports in the variety of news. To comb through the multitude of sources is often time-consuming and requires staying power.

We want to make it easier for you! With our sorting options, we give you direct access to news and to avoid filter bubbles, you can get a variety of reports with just one click. If you follow one of the filters, you’ll stay informed about new developments even if you’ve turned your attention elsewhere.

Our sorts:

The map allows you to keep up-to-date at multiple locations.

Tags make it easier for you to search for specific keywords.

Through events, you can see events that many correspondents report on.

You can take a closer look at past events via the timeline.

Uncover false reports!

A fact should always be illuminated from several angles.

Due to the opaque presentation of news, the seriousness of sources is difficult to check and often requires expertise and discourse.

Help us make journalism more transparent and allow for a diverse presentation by participating in additions/corrections and uncovering and reporting false reports.

Support journalism!

The direct appreciation of journalistic work expands the possibilities for Journalists to work on projects for you. We want the appreciation to be expressed worldwide in order to promote and finance the diversity of reporting.

Become a part of our community and support us in making global journalism more accessible!